Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Drug Free Competitor Tip of the Day

Don't try to rely on some last minute technique like carb loading to make you look great onstage. If you are not already in great shape by the day of the contest there are no last minute tricks you can do to make you shredded.

Your performance is determined by your actions in the months and months leading up to the contest and how intelligent and consistent you are with your daily execution.

First time competitors shouldn't worry about the scale and shouldn't worry about any fancy "tricks" like they may read from the pros in the magazines. Instead, the focus should be on getting as lean as possible while still building and maintaining your hard earned muscle. This is accomplished by continual execution of a smart plan for many months leading up to your contest.

I touch on these points and other FAQ about contest preparation in my new DVD "Posing to Win."

Believe. Achieve.



  1. I am preparing for a contest and am confused about the Max-OT scheduled break from training. Do you still take a one week break from lifting and cardio during contest prep if it is scheduled just a couple weeks away from the contest?

  2. I would still take scheduled weeks off during pre-contest prep however, I would try to time it so my final week off was around the 10 - 12 week point and then go strong to the finish line. During the week off inside of 10-12 weeks I would still do cardio but no lifting.