Saturday, July 31, 2010

See It, Be it!

I've always used visualization techniques to help me stay on track with my goals and it was a huge part of my success when I earned my IFBB Pro Card in 2003.

Before each workout I would visualize the body part I was about to train and see in my mind exactly how I wanted it to look onstage. Before each cardio session I would visualize how shredded I was going to be as well.

Visualization helped me to continue to elevate my performances each and every day for the entire year. Here's a snippet from my book "Inside The Mind of a Champion" where I talk about this powerful technique.

"....Great results aren’t going to happen by accident. They are a planned occurrence that happens through the design and consistent execution of an intelligent plan. To aid in the consistent execution of your plan it is helpful to create and stay connected to the vision of what you want to achieve.

A clear vision of what you want to achieve is a constant reminder of why you are adhering to your disciplined schedule. This reminder will direct your thoughts and actions in a positive way and help you make the most of each day by successfully completing all your scheduled tasks. With a clear vision and clear goals you’ll be less likely to skip tasks because you’ll be aware of the important role each task plays in turning your vision into a reality...."

To reach your full potential in anything you must unlock the power of your mind!

Believe. Achieve.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Biceps Training Tip!

There are many instances where people search for "new" and "inventive" training methods that will pack on gobs of muscle and often in this pursuit of new techniques they overlook the basics. I'll warn you right now the routine I am going to suggest may not look real flashy but it will be effective.

The best mass building biceps routines incorporate the Max-OT principles and are revolved around free weight exercises like barbell and dumbbell curls. These basic free weight exercises allow you to achieve maximum overload on the targeted area while using a full and natural range of motion.

Using the Max-OT principles means keeping the volume of total sets low and the intensity high. Here is an example of an effective Max-OT biceps routine:
  • Barbell Curls: 3 sets 4-6 reps (After warm-up)
  • Standing Dumbbell Curls: 2 sets 4-6 reps

This routine may not look fancy on paper but you can be assured if you apply the intensity it will blast your biceps and stimulate maximum muscle growth.

Believe. Achieve.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Power of the Mind

A big contributing factor to my success over the years has been the ability to focus on a goal and persevere through all the challenges that life throws my way. You have to work on your mindset and attitude just like you work on your body in order to achieve greatness in anything.

My new book Inside the Mind of a Champion is a very unique look at the mental side of the game and how I directed my thoughts during the best competitive year of my career.

Here's an excerpt from the introduction...

"...In late July of 2003, I placed 4th at the NPC USA in a light heavyweight class that was considered by many to be one of the toughest in the show’s history. For those that don’t know, what makes that feat even more impressive is the NPC USA is not drug tested. Not exactly a level playing field for a drug free competitor like myself but I relished the challenge to prove I could compete with the best, regardless of who was on drugs or not. In many ways that 4th place finish meant more to me than any victory.

Two weeks after the USA I achieved the crowning jewel of my career by winning the overall at the NPC Team Universe Championships and earned an IFBB Pro Card. Winning an IFBB pro card as a life-time drug free competitor is almost unheard of in the modern era of bodybuilding and cemented my place as one of the greatest drug free bodybuilders in the in history.

The training and nutrition philosophies I used that year were consistent with what I had done for the past several contests so what made the biggest difference in my results? Mindset!

In the pages that follow you’ll get all the mental strategies I used to push myself to the limits of personal performance day in and day out on my way to achieving what some would say is impossible...."

If you work on developing a strong mindset and unlocking the power of your mind you can truly reach your full potential.

Inside the Mind of a Champion is available in both e-book and hard copy formats.

Believe. Achieve.