Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Six Pack Abs!

Contrary to popular belief, the key to a great six pack is NOT crunches! You can do crunches day and night and never attain a trim waist line because you can not spot reduce fat no matter how hard you try.

The perfect "real world" example is Stuart MacDonald (Pictured Right) and the body transformation that he achieved in "I Want to Look Like That Guy." Stuart went from a pudgy 44 inch waist to a shredded 27 inches in 6 months time. Stuart only trained abs directly 1 time a week. His strict attention to diet and consistent cardio is what made the magic happen. (You can learn the exact nutrition plan Stuart followed in my newest release "Secrets Behind I Want to Look Like That Guy.")

The next time you are tempted to add yet another day of curnches to your routine or buy the latest ab crunch gizmo remember once again the physiological fact that you can not spot reduce fat!

The more you want to achieve a great six pack, the more you need to focus on diet and cardio!

Believe. Achieve.

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