Wednesday, July 8, 2009


This picture has made its way around the web a few times and is usually followed by comments insisting the photo has been enhanced. It recently popped up again so I figured it was a good time to address it so you could hear the story right from the horse's mouth.

The photo was taken by a fan at the 2001 Arnold Classic Expo and although there turned out to be a bit of an illusion created it was not because of any enhancement after the fact. My arm looks extra large due to the angle the photo was taken NOT because of digital alterations. (My arms are not actually bigger than my head like they appear in this photo!)

So before someone else cries foul, take a deep breath. This is not a grand conspiracy, it's just a picture!

Believe. Achieve.


  1. Do you still attend the arnold classic?

  2. AST Sports Science has had me at their booth for the last two years. Hopefully I will be back again this year.