Monday, July 13, 2009

Which training method is best?

Throughout the years I have received many of the same questions or variations of the same question over and over. One that pops up now and then involves people asking me what I think of "this" training method or "that" training method compared to Max-OT and do I really think Max-OT is the best one out there.

They say there is no such thing as a dumb question but I have to scratch my head every time I receive this one. If I thought there was a better training method wouldn't I have been using a different one than Max-OT all these years? That seems pretty elementary to me.

Sometimes its almost as if people are trying to debate or convince me there is a better way. Well, there are many training methods out there and each individual has the right to select and follow whatever they wish. I will also say you can train many different ways and achieve a degree of results. I do, however, believe Max-OT is the best way to train for maximum results. I believe this from my own personal success as well as the countless others I've instructed who've also achieved great success, male and female. (AST Sports Science provides the Max-OT online course for free)

My job is not to argue the merits of Max-OT. My job is to provide the most honest information I can that I believe will help you the most. When it comes to training I believe Max-OT is the best way to go and you are not going to get a different answer out of me no matter how many times or different ways you ask me the question.

Believe. Achieve.


  1. I don't want to be picky or anything, but "the best way to train" is relative to ones goals. If one is striving for good strength, yet low volume of muscle to maintain agility, he/she definitely shouldn't work out the way a professional body builder does, who would most likely strive for volume.

  2. I disagree. Regardless of your goals, I believe the muscle building component of ones workout should be based on Max-OT principles. Other areas of training would differ depending on the sports specific needs.

    So when I say the best way to train, I am talking about the muscle building aspect of a training regimen.

    More muscle is going to be preferable for any athlete because the greater cross sectional area of a muscle fiber the more force one can exert. More force translates to more power and more speed.

    Athletes are under a lot of physical demands from practices, games, sports specific drills etc, therefore they benefit from a low volume weight training approach because they are likely already on the cusp of over training as it is, making building any muscle very difficult. Max-OT style training benefits them as it helps, at minimum, preserve every ounce of hard earned muscle.

    That's my reasoning based on my experience/education. You are certainly welcome to have a different opinion.

  3. That's a good answer, buddy! =)