Wednesday, August 19, 2009

"Lost" Footage!

One of my favorite features in my latest DVD release "Posing to Win" is the bonus "lost" footage we included.

When going through tapes we stumbled across footage that I didn't think we had. It is a segment of me practicing mandatory poses just 2 weeks before the 2003 NPC USA. It was filmed by my friend and fellow IFBB Pro Derik Farnsworth in San Diego, CA. In fact, we left it uncut so you can actually hear Derik calling out the poses and counting to make sure I held them long enough. I remember we filmed it right after a Max-OT cardio session. I am excited that we are able to share this rare footage because I thought it was gone forever.

Another little fun fact is the photos featured on the front and back cover of this DVD were taken during that same trip to California on Venice Beach.

Some other neat stuff apart from the general posing instructions you'll see on "Posing to Win" is the Q&A session where I address some FAQ's about posing/presentation and overall preparation.

By the way, the offer is still available for the next few copies sold to get an autographed front cover!

Believe. Achieve.

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