Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Which Max-OT routine is best?

I often get asked which Max-OT routine is the best, meaning is there a best way to arrange exercises/body parts. Truth is there is no one Max-OT arrangement that is better than another. The way the workout is arranged is not as important as whether or not all the Max-OT principles are being followed such as set/rep volume, exercise selection and workout frequency.

You'll find many examples of Max-OT arrangements on the AST Sports Science web site as well as multiple examples in my Training Journal and you will have success with any of those because the core Max-OT principles are present in all of them.

The one thing I would suggest if you are making your own arrangement is not placing two major body parts together on the same day such as Chest and Back. I also prefer keeping legs to a day by themselves. Reason being, it is very hard to maintain the level of intensity needed for maximum results throughout your workout if you have two major body parts following one another on the same day.

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  1. Jeff, for max-OT to work optimally must I complete the high end number of the rep range before adding weight?