Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Lagging Body Parts

I was recently asked if I could address the issue of bringing up lagging body parts. This is a pretty common question and here's my take on it.

It is inevitable that you will have some body parts that seem to respond quicker than others. Following a smart plan like Max-OT will naturally improve overall balance.

Max-OT training places an emphasis on basic compound movements. The nature of these free weight compound movements have a lot of overall body involvement and thus improve the balance of your development over time.

If you've been at it for a while and still have lagging body parts you can do like I did and prioritze your training week to attack those body parts first when you are mentally and physically freshest.

The last couple years of competing I emphasized my back. I felt that was a weak area so I prioritzed it by training it early in the week. I also made basic compound movements like deadlifts and barbell rows the primary exercises of my back routines. And I really focused on the exercise execution to make sure I was directing the majority of the overload to the intended area.

Avoid the instinct to increase frequency for lagging body parts. That will actually be counter productive because you run the risk of over training the area. Don't focus on more frequency, rather focus on more intensity and better execution for the body parts in question.

In summary to address lagging body parts don't do more just do everything better! More focus, more intensity and greater execution!

Believe. Achieve.


  1. jeff id say your back definitely caught up! thanks for the advice

  2. Jeff let me ask you another question if you dont mind. This past year i had a pretty bad ac joint injury. Once it started to recover i started to work chest movements back in but was unable to to perform direct shoulder movements. Unfortunately the injury caused some muscle atrophy and now my left shoulder is quite a bit smaller then my right. How should i go about correcting this problem?

  3. I tend to think your shoulder development will take care of itself over time once you are able to introduce direct shoulder movements back into your routine.

  4. hey jeff i love the MAX-OT and i train arms as you said and my biceps have shown full development but i dont see the same for triceps i do compound lefts as in close grip and dips and i do as you said train lagging body parts as in training them early in the week what would you suggest?

  5. Not much I can suggest for your triceps other than the continual execution of the principles and great detail to your nutrition, especially in the post workout hours.