Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Positive Affirmations

You've heard me talk about positive affirmations before and how effective they can be at directing your thoughts and molding your attitude.

I had two positive affirmation statements that played a big role during my training in 2003. I wrote these two statements on white note cards with blue Sharpie marker and placed them in multiple locations that forced me to look at these cards continually for months on end. They helped me strive for excellence each day and made me continually ask more of myself. Thankfully I kept two of these infamous note cards and I snapped a picture to show you.

Notice how they are written as a statement of fact. This is very important when you are writing your affirmations. Don't say things like "I want to be" or "I will be" say emphatically "I AM!"

Viewing these powerful positive affirmations repetitively will direct your thoughts and help you make decisions throughout each day that will lead you closer to making your statements a reality.

Believe. Achieve.


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