Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Max-OT Warm-up Protocol

The goal of the Max-OT warm-up protocol is to gradually introduce heavier weights without approaching the point of muscle fatigue.

Below are the main points to consider when you are doing your warm-up sets. These points are taken from a passage contained in my book "Inside the Mind of a Champion." The complete passage explains each of these points in detail and gives some specific examples.

* Warm-up on the first exercise for a body part only.

*Progressively introduce a heavier weight each warm-up set.

*As you add weight each warm-up set, decrease reps.

*Do not approach the point of fatigue.

*Your last warm-up set (also called weight acclimation) should be close to your muscle-building set weight.

*4-5 warm-up sets should do the job.

Believe. Achieve.


  1. Hi Jeff,
    You may have heard of the idea of muscle fascia stretching after a wokout to help increase muscle growth.Any thoughts on that?

  2. Hey Jeff, Im a huge fan! I know this isn't a question about this blog but I just wanted to ask a quick one about calorie intake. I've just started my mass season about a month ago and I've just discovered the Max OT and I'm going to start with the routine that is on the AST website, and my question is during the summer I had been intaking around 2000-2500 cal per day. Since I've started trying to get bigger I've been trying to get as many calories as possible. How many calories would you say I need to get to begin to see some big gains in mass?

  3. Do you wear special weight lifting shoes when squatting? I usually squat and deadlift in my socks and have recently been advised against my practice, since it can supposedly damage the arch of my feet. I have been following you since the AST days back in 2003 and respect your opinion on the matter.



  4. You can check out the calorie calculator on for a ball park calorie amount.

  5. I didn't wear any specific type of shoes. Just what was comfortable.