Friday, November 19, 2010

Body Transformation Tip!

To truly transform your body you need to have a strong muscle building component to your plan. This is true for men and women.

Remember that every ounce of muscle you build you will increase your resting metabolic rate and thus greatly aid the fat loss process.

Weight training is the catalyst for the muscle building component of your plan and there is no better weight training approach for encouraging muscle building than Max-OT.

Pictured to above is Stuart MacDonald and he underwent an amazing body transformation in a 6 month period of time and one of the keys to that transformation was Max-OT training. (You can see Stu's amazing transformation unfold in front of your eyes in the popular documentary "I Want to Look Like That Guy.")

Don't have the mindset that you have to lose weight before you focus on building muscle. It is best for your plan to have an emphasis on muscle building right out of the gate!

Believe. Achieve.


  1. hey Jeff i saw the movie it was pretty cool but the problem is i am not overweight i am on the semi skinny side i am about to start the max-OT and i'm taking the ultimate nutrition muscle juice revolution 2600(to help gain weight).. i just want to know if max-OT is really the best thing to start with for some one skinny and also is it possible to get the same lifting plan that he used in the movie.

  2. Hi Jeff, I'd like to know your view about eliminating some exercises from the routines you give to focus on the major ones. For example, I'm following a leg routine that consists of Leg Press, Squats - Leg Curls, Stiff Leg Dead Lifts - Standing Machine Calf Raises and Seated Calf Raises. Today I felt like not worthy doing Leg press, Leg curls nor Seated calf, soh I did more sets of Squats, Stiffs and standing calf. Thank you

  3. Max-OT is ideal for maximizing muscle gains no matter what your body type. If you are on the more slender side you especially want to stick with the Max-OT principles. You can see examples of the Max-OT workouts on my blog and web site. You can also sign up for the free Max-OT course on the AST Sports Science web site.

  4. I would cut out some of those exercises too and stick with Squats and deadlifts for legs.(5 sets squats, 2-3 stiff legs)

    Calves 4-5 total sets is plenty. 3 standing and 2 seated makes sense to me.

  5. Jeff,
    What is your opinion on dumbbell squats as a substitute for barbell squats. I have mild scoliosis, so going heavy with the barbell compresses the curve in my spine and gives me some pain. However, I find it fairly hard to balance correctly with dumbbells (I tend to lean forward), and on the decent my legs kind of get in the way of the dumbbells. I also feel like the leg press is kind of a crummy exercise. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I don't want my leg development to suffer because of my bad back.

  6. Jeff,
    In your blog you stated that the post workout drink is very important... what about the preworkout one?
    Also you mentioned as part of a post workout mix, that along with whey protein isolate you should mix a high glycemic carbohydrate like dextrose. As well as adding 5 grams of micronized creatine and 5 to 10 grams of L-glutamine.
    What amounts of dextrose should I mix? And if all these should be combined for best results... why don't they make a pre mix with all these things together anyway?

  7. @thedre: I've been following the Max OT principle for five months now and I considered myself to be really skinny (a hardgainer, if you will). I started getting serious about muscle building about a year and a half before starting Max OT and saw some good results (became slender but somewhat muscular). I can honestly tell you that no other routine/principle has given me the results I've seen in five short months. I am starting to look HUGE!

    Just make sure you are eating enough, especially protein, to facilitate recovery and strength gains.

    And Jeff, I cannot thank you enough for your inspirational work, especially in the IWTBLTG dvd. You've made me into a believer.

  8. I prefer barbell to DB squats for a variety of reasons.

    That being said if you have limitations with barbell then DB could be a good alternative or DB lunges which in essence are a one leg squat.

  9. I prefer a pre and post workout drink (bracketing method)of the same ingredients...VP2 Whey, High GI Carbs, GL3 L-Glutamine and Micronized Creatine.