Wednesday, November 3, 2010

New eBook Unveils the Secrets for Getting Totally Shredded!

I'm excited to announce the much anticipated release of my "Lost Logs" eBook is finally here.

I believe this is the ultimate drug free bodybuilding nutrition resource. It’s a very rare look at the actual “play book” I used to become one the greatest drug free bodybuilders in history and now this eBook puts it all at your fingertips to help you construct your own winning game plan!

My "Lost Logs" contains explicit detail documenting every single nutrient I ingested as well as the timing of each meal. It also lists every supplement, exactly how much and specifically when I took them for the 18 weeks leading up to both contests.

In addition to all that detail you’ll see complete nutrient ratio breakdowns for every stage of the plan and as an interesting point of reference there is documentation of my bodyweight changes over the 18 weeks.

I often get asked how to adjust nutrition in the final days before a contest and what to do on the actual day of the show. No need to question any more as these logs illustrate exactly what I did with my plan right up to the very moment I stepped onstage.

My "Lost Logs" is also packed with some bonus information you won't find anywhere else:

*Contest Color Schedule - Any of you who have competed know how important onstage color is. It can make or break your physique. It took me years to perfect my contest color and now with this schedule you can see exactly what I did to achieve the perfect winning tan.

*Lost Cardio Logs - See record of all my cardio sessions from January 2002 through my Team Universe Overall Victory in August of 2003. Frequency, mode, distance, calories burned and intensity are all there in minute detail. This is the exact Max-OT cardio schedule I executed to get absolutely shredded.

*Body Weight Chart - View my body weight changes from August 2002 through August 2003.

Don't miss this opportunity to get the championship "play book" in your hands. Act now and get your copy of my "Lost Logs" at a special introductory price.

Believe. Achieve.


  1. WOW! Thanks, Jeff! Got the email this morning and ordered before my pre-workout drink. This will surely put me over the top and im sure i'll break several PR's today.

  2. Jeff,
    I can't thank you enough for introducing Max OT to me. I've been making the quickest, most noticeable gains of my life since training max ot. I can stay more focused, going to the gym is no longer a chore, and further, the motivation I get from seeing my strength and size increase week after week is invaluable.

    However, one thing I'm not sure about when it comes to max ot is rotator cuff training. Should it be done at all? And if so, should I aim for a weight I can only do for 4-6 reps, or should I go for a different rep range? I keep reading that training rotator cuffs can help increase your bench press and of course your shoulder lifts so I was wondering if it is worthwhile to do so.

  3. I don't do specific training to isolate small muscles like the rotator cuff. I feel it is better to do compound exericises like military presses in a 4-6 range that involve multiple muscles.

  4. Jeff,
    with regard to water intake, do you count the water you use in your protein drinks as part of your daily total or do you mean Clean water. Specifically wed, thur, friday, sat of contest weeks. thanks!

  5. Yes, on the final week I count the water I use to mix any protein powders.

  6. Hi Jeff,
    Been inspirational to see your website and blogs. Watching "I want to look like that guy" with Stuart Macdonald was fantastic. It showed me that it's never too late to start bodybuilding.
    I was wondering if there was plans for the Lost Logs going paperback?

  7. There are no plans for "Lost Logs" in a paper back format.