Wednesday, March 16, 2011

NEW VIDEO: "Secrets Behind I Want to Look Like That Guy"

"Secrets Behind I Want to Look Like That Guy" is a unique inside look at the exact methods I prescribed to Stuart MacDonald during his amazing body transformation.

Using the strategies outlined in this video, Stuart went from an overweight 44 inch waist to a rock hard 27 inch six pack in only 6 months.

With this video you’ll learn the exact nutrition principles I used to construct Stuart's plan and you’ll gain a valuable perspective on key mental strategies that will help you stay focused and execute every day at a high level.

If you enjoyed the documentary I Want to Look Like That Guy this video is a must see. It will give you a detailed road map to achieve the same kind of outstanding results seen in the film. If you have not seen the documentary don’t worry because this video stands alone as its own powerful teaching tool.

Watch Instantly! No shipping, No waiting.

This video is available in a convenient online format making it accessible instantly. When you purchase the video you will receive a link and you’ll be able to the view the video at your convenience any time right from your own computer.

Run time: 33 minutes and 57 seconds.

Bonus Feature!

Along with the video you will also be given access to Stuart's complete 6 month nutrition plan. (.pdf format)


Believe. Achieve.


  1. Jeff,
    Is there any way I can order Powerhouse Gym apparel through your website?

  2. Sterling,

    You can email me directly and I can let you know what I have in stock.

  3. Hello Jeff,

    Iv watched your dvd and found it very helpful.
    Quick question.

    As Stuart worked out in the morning before his day begam he consumed most of his calories around that period. I work from 9am to 5pm and hit the gym usually 7pm. I assume i should have most calories in the evening aroung my workout period.

    I usually come back from the gym at 8, have my protein shake immedialy after (200 calories). At 9pm I have grilled chicken and a piece of potato(350 approx calories) .

    Should Ihave a protein shake at 12am (100 calories) beofre bed or should the chicken be my last meal?

    Many thanks

  4. Great video! I especially appreciated the "bonus" nutrition plan. Since AST no longer makes Ny-Tro Pro or HSC, what would you suggest putting in their place?

  5. Muscle XGF or another brand of Meal Replacement would work. And for the creatine I like AST's Micronized Creatine mixed with a liquid carbohydrate.

  6. Syed,

    If you are still awake at Midnight I would have the protein drink before bed.