Thursday, October 29, 2009 Interview

Matt Weik, writer for, recently posted an interview with me where I address my career both past and present and answer questions about our documentary "I Want to Look Like That Guy."

I enjoyed doing the interview as I was able to touch on some topics that people often as me about such as why I chose to retire from competition. I also share my thoughts on why drug free bodybuilders can be their own worst enemies.....

Here's that snippet from the interview:

[ MW ] Is there anything you would like to add to this interview that we didn't cover that you feel the readers would like to know?

[ JW ] First I would like to say thank you for doing this interview and helping to bring some attention to "I Want to Look Like That Guy". I am very proud of this documentary and its valuable messages. People are finding it motivational as well as very informative and entertaining.

I've taken a lot of flack over the years from people doubting whether or not I am drug free. People are entitled to their opinions and that is fine. I understand why people would be skeptical because the results I've achieved are above what many conceive to be possible without drugs.

My question to those people is have they ever stopped and thought that maybe, just maybe the great success I achieved has something to do with the training approach I've used or the fact that I meticulously executed this smart plan for years on end?

This documentary shows you right in front of your eyes the power of what a smart approach combined with hard work over an extended period of time can do. Look at what Stuart did in 6 months. Now think about applying those principles for years on end and maybe it suddenly isn't so unthinkable that outstanding results can be achieved without drugs.

I wish natural bodybuilders would spend less time doubting and more time learning how to maximize their potential from those who've achieved great success without drugs.

Believe. Achieve.


  1. Hello Jeff, thank you and Stuart for a fantastic documentary. I certainly enjoyed it. One thing that is not clear from the documentary is while we get to see the diet that Stuart takes on, it is not so clear as to his workout regimen. For example, to me it's clear that Stuart is doing his weights in the early AM. But when does he do cardio? In one scene it looks like he just finished weights and then he heads upstairs (tripping over the footsteps in the process) for cardio. Can you please tell us how Stuart structured his cardio? I'd love to know because currently I do cardio first for 30 min followed by weights. This is not ideal according to MAX-OT but if I do weights everyday, given work and other commitments, etc, the only way I can fit cardio is to club it together with weights. Are you able to provide your 2 cents worth here on how Stuart trained? Thank you....

    - Shanx.

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  3. Thanks for the great feedback.

    Stu followed the Max-OT principles for his workouts very closely. He did Max-OT style cardio for 16 minutes as perscribed.

    You are correct, it is ideal if you can seperate cardio from weights by 8-12 hours but sometimes schedules do not allow that. Stu was the same way. Sometimes he had to do cardio at the same time as weights. Under those circumstances I recommend cario after weights and not before as to not impede your strength.

    Hope this info is helpful.

    Thanks again.