Wednesday, October 21, 2009

FLEX Magazine Review

In the December issue of FLEX Magazine there is a great review of our documentary "I Want to Look Like That Guy". Here's the entire review:

by Shawn Perine, Senior writer

"In this fascinating documentary, filmmaker Stuart MacDonald turns the cameras on himself as he undergoes a grueling transformation from a 42-year-old 200-plus pounder (nearly 30% of it adipose) to a 154-pound competitive bodybuilder, with the help of IFBB pro Jeff Willet and Dr. Adam Coughlin.

MacDonald undergoes extreme duress, both mental and physical, as he wavers between reaching his goal and calling the whole thing off. In the end his saga is unexpectedly gripping and, although not exactly revelatory to the bodybuilding inveterate, it does provide ample confirmation that living the life of a bodybuilder isn't quite the simple task that the uninitiated might believe."

Believe. Achieve.

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