Tuesday, June 29, 2010

How to combat hunger while on low calories

I was recently asked how to combat hunger while following a low calorie diet. Here are a few tips to help.

*Drink lots of fluids. I don't have a problem consuming artificial sweeteners so I drink plenty of diet soda while on low calories. Coffee and tea are also great tools to combat hunger. I am a coffee freak and had plenty during pre-contest preparation.

*Eat lots of vegetables. Vegetables are the one food you can actually consume more of and it will help your weight loss. Vegetables add lots of food volume with negligible calories. Stick primarily with green crunchy vegetables and eat up!

*Keep your meals consistent. Eat a balanced meal every 2-3 hours max.

*Chew Gum. I found it helpful to chew gum to satisfy cravings and help bridge the gap between meals.

Along with these tips keep your "eyes on the prize" and stay connected to the vision of the physique you want to achieve. Realize that a little hunger is a necessary price to pay if you want to achieve an extreme level of leanness.

Believe. Achieve.



  1. Hey Jeff. I am a big fan of yours after watching "I want to look like that guy". I was wondering if it's possible if you could post the exact routine that you provided Stuart MacDonald in the documentary.
    You are probably a busy guy but i would really appreciate it.

    Best regards

  2. The 5-day Max-OT routine I have posted in the blog is the basic routine he followed.