Saturday, February 26, 2011

Success Doesn’t Happen Overnight, But it Builds Each Day

Below is an excerpt from my book "Inside the Mind of a Champion." This passage talks about the importance of setting goals and working towards those goals each and every day. As I always say great things happen with the continual execution of a smart plan.

"....You can’t expect results to happen overnight but what you do today will definitely affect tomorrow and you can shorten the process by how intelligently you approach your training and nutrition. That is why you need to equip yourself with information and proven strategies. Then you need to execute those strategies consistently over a span of time. Don’t get me wrong, you still have to put in your time but the smarter you go about things, the faster your results will come.

There are times when I speak with people and they want me to tell them exactly how long it will take before they see results. I always feel like telling them, “Let me dust off my crystal ball and I’ll let you know”, but I bite my tongue and try to explain that is impossible for me to speculate because there are way too many variables to consider. I have no idea how intense this person is training, how well they are eating, or what supplement program they are following, not to mention their genetic propensity to build muscle. So unless I am a fortune teller, there is no way I can say.

I try to explain that the better you approach all aspects of your training, the better and faster your results will be. I don’t want to throw out some mythical number that you should reach in four weeks because if you don’t hit that number you will be discouraged for no reason or I might limit you with the number I say and you may have been able to blow right past it.

I don’t think trying to figure out how much you can gain in the first four weeks of training is the best way to start. Instead, work hard each day and see how far you can go.

You need to set your goals and work towards them daily. Keep in mind the bigger picture and the end results you want but realize that you get to that point by what you do on a daily basis, even if you can’t always see it. Just because you’re not at your destination tomorrow, doesn’t mean you won’t get there as long as you keep moving in that direction...."

(This passage can be read in its entirety in my book "Inside the Mind of a Champion")

Believe. Achieve.


  1. I will try to remember this, I'm too impatient!

  2. Thanks Jeff. I have a question about Max OT cardio - is it ok to do two 10 min sessions at different points in the day? I think it'd be easier to execute and you get a metabolism boost twice. Would you say this is better than 20 min at one stretch? Thank you!

  3. I think 2, 10 minutes sessions of Max-OT cardio a day is a very effective tool for elevating your metabolism.

  4. hello Jeff
    I've been following the same program that Stuart did in the documentary with the5 days max OT training beside the diet and i started 5 weeks ago with 27% body fat.
    but the thing that driving me crazy is i didn't lose any pounds or body fat and this is making me crazy is that normal and if it's not what should i do please help me because i have five months left and i really want to look like him

  5. It took the first 6-8 weeks before Stu really saw any changes and they were minor at that. After that point we started doing some calorie skims and that is when things started rolling.

    You need to be consistent with the calorie skims over time just like you see in the film.

    Our New Video details more about the nutrition strategies too.