Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Why So Many Supplements?

A common question I get from people who view my "Lost Logs" ebook or watch Stu's amazing transformation unfold in "I Want to Look Like That Guy" is why do I choose to have so much of my nutrients coming from supplementation rather than whole food? Here's the method to my madness:

Nutrient Density Maximized - A quality meal replacement typically maximizes nutrient density better than a whole food meal. This keeps protein and nutrients high with total calories low.

Convenience - Shaking up a meal replacement can happen pretty much anywhere and any time. It is not always as easy to break open the Tupperware and start eating your chicken and green beans. Meal replacements over the years have helped me stay 100% on track with my plan in a variety of situations.

Easy to Measure - Meal replacements make it very easy to measure your intake and consequently make adjustments to your diet as you skim away calories. Measuring the cuts with supplements is very easy and accurate.

This is not to say you can't construct an effective nutrition plan with the use of more whole food. This is simply my preference and the reasons why.

Believe. Achieve.



  1. Jeff,

    I assume that like most people, before you started training your physique was at least a little asymmetrical. Personally, since I am right handed, most of the muscles on the right side of my body are bigger than those on the left side. I was wondering roughly how long you had to train to get rid of these asymmetries or to at least diminish them to the point where they didn't annoy you when you stepped in front of the mirror. Thanks!

  2. I'm not sure there is a great time frame you can expect but training with Max-OT principles and the compound free weight exercises will help balance your physique and it will keep getting better over time.