Monday, June 22, 2009

My Final Appearance Onstage.

It was a year ago at this time I was preparing for my final appearance onstage as the guest poser at the NPC Natural Michigan State Championships.
(photo by Phil Krouse taken during my final appearance 7/19/08 at Redford Theatre.)

This was the same contest I was training Stuart MacDonald for. Ironically, we had already targeted this show long before I was asked to be guest poser.

This contest was set as our end goal and would be the culmination of the shooting for our documentary "I Want to Look Like That Guy" so when I was asked to guest pose at this very show I thought it would be a perfect way to "say goodbye" to the stage.

It was a perfect ending for a few reasons.....One, it was the very stage (Redford Theatre) where I started my competitive career in 1991. Two, it was a way for family and friends to see me in my element one last time. Three, when I won the Team Universe in 2003 I didn't know at that time it was going to be my final time onstage so this gave me a chance going into it knowing this would be my finale. Finally, it was perfect because it added an unexpected twist to the story that was unfolding right in front of the cameras as we filmed the documentary.

You can see highlights from my final routine as well as the speech I gave following the performance at the end of "I Want to Look Like That Guy."

Believe. Achieve.

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