Friday, June 12, 2009

NEW Movie Clip - Teaching Stu how to pose.

One element of "I Want to Look Like That Guy" is Stuart MacDonald actually competes in a bodybuilding contest as his end goal. So that meant he not only had to get "bodybuilding lean" he also needed to learn how to pose and present himself onstage.

Along with overseeing his training and diet I also had to teach him how to pose. We worked on presentation weekly as we got closer and closer to the contest. I taught him how to hold his relaxed poses, mandatory poses and worked on his night show posing routine with him too.

He was a good student because when he was onstage he looked like he had competed several times before. He was calm, confident and hit poses to really accentuate his strong points and hide his weaknesses. He was good because he practiced!

Go to any contest and you'll quickly see the good posers from the bad. The bad ones stand out like a sore thumb often looking clumsy or just plain uncomfortable.

When you are onstage it has to look easy and fluid.

In this clip from "I Want to Look Like That Guy" you see me teaching the basics of posing. We are on the 3rd level of my gym which is where we would practice and evaluate his physique. It is one of my favorite clips from the movie.

Believe. Achieve.

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