Thursday, June 25, 2009

New Clip - Amazing Body Transformation

In this clip from "I Want to Look Like That Guy" you get to listen in on a conversation between Stu and I just days before he steps onstage and you get to see a great photo illustration of just how much he transformed his body in 6 months time.

Believe. Achieve.


  1. Truly amazing stuff!
    How much money did Stu spend on dietary supplements for this experiment, because with regular foods this result would be quite beyond anyones grasp.

  2. Stu mentions at the beginning of the movie that when everything was added up over the 6 months getting ready for the contest including supplements, entry fees, tanning, memberhship he came up with a total around $4,000.

  3. I and my wife watched this dvd yesterday and we are truly shocked that it only took 6 months for stu to make it. I really didn't think in 6 months it was possible to be fat like that to ripped. You are a great mentor Jeff and made me feel its possible to change my life after watching Stu.