Monday, May 3, 2010

My Favorite Sources for Protein Consumption

Throughout my career I consumed most of my daily protein through supplementation and I continue this practice today. (My favorite protein supplement choices are VP2, Muscle XGF and VyoPro Protein Bars).

I've always preferred getting most of my protein through supplement sources for 3 main reasons: quality, convenience and ease of measuring nutrient totals.

This is not to say that one can't get more daily protein through food sources this is simply what has always made the most sense and worked best for me. The main thing is that your nutrient total goals are met at the end of the day regardless of the sources you choose.

Before you stop and say the only reason I do or say this is because I'm sponsored by AST Sports Science, I say "know your facts before you accuse me of simply being a marketing tool for AST." Long before I became sponsored by AST Sports Science in 1999 I paid for all my supplements out of my own pocket for many years and I still followed the same type of pattern of getting most of my daily protein through supplementation. I always have practiced exactly what I preach and have never appreciated the insinuation that I lie about what I do to sell products.

I was recently asked if I thought the inclusion of so many meals through supplementation was a healthy way to go about it and I absolutely think it is as long as you add extra fiber in your diet with the inclusion of lots of green crunchy vegetables.

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  1. what did you use as a convenient source of fiber? I would imagine cooking a serving a broccoli would take away the convenience of the shake. did you try to consume fiber with all of your shake meals?

  2. I have to say that my biggest reason for using a protein supplement is that it is convenient and doesn't have other things beside protein. If you watch your diet you pretty soon discover that there is very little protein even in high protein sources. For the purposes of building a large muscle mass I don't think it is a wise decission to not use a protein supplement simply because you would have to work a lot harder to get the same results and your health would not really benefit from eliminating a QUALITY protein supplement.

  3. Vegetables are my prefered source of fiber. I actually find frozen vegetables to be pretty quick and convenient. My favorite is green beans.

  4. Hi Jeff,

    Where do you stand on the notion of a 'cheat meal' every week? I find it very hard to stick to my diet and occasionally binge on junk food. I've heard articles say that a cheat meal serves as a psychological strategy that helps you eat clean the other days. Do you have any tips to stick to the diet without wavering?

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  5. I think cheat meals should be at the most every 10 days.