Monday, May 17, 2010

Training Tip - How much weight do I increase?

I recently talked about when to increase weight and I said when you can get 6 reps on your own with good execution it is time to bump up the weight. How much do I increase you may ask?

When moving up in weight, keep this tip in mind. You always want to increase weight by the smallest increment possible. If you are using a barbell that typically means 2.5 lbs per side. If we are talking a cable machine or dumbbells then use the smallest increase available.

Your body will be able to accommodate these small increases better than bigger jumps in weight and thus it will help your strength progressions keep moving forward without hitting a plateau.

Believe. Achieve.


  1. Thanks Jeff! Watching the documentary, Stu's diet had him consuming creatine before and after every workout. I am wondering if he consumed creatine everyday of his 5 day a week Max OT schedule like this till contest day? Or did he cycle creatine for maximum efficiency?

    Speaking of which, I constantly hear contradictory reports about creatine safety - the main concern being there's no long term study to understand its long term effects (other than a single 3 year study - but that's hardly long term; for example is it okay to take creatine like this for life?). It would be reassuring to hear your thoughts on creatine consumption...thank you.

    Kind Regards, Shanx.

  2. Stu didn't cycle creatine. He took it per and post training throughout the process.

    Actually creatine is probably one of the most if not the most studied supplement of all time dating back to the 1950's I believe.

    A lot of this boils down to personal opinion on whether or not you feel comfortable with it. You can find arguments supporting both points that it is safe to take long term and some claim it is not.

    I've always felt comfortable with the information available to believe it is a safe supplement.

  3. Jeff I have been following maxot now for about 6 months now and something i have always wondered about is why on several of the back routines you would do pull ups to failure or pull ups to 50 instead of in the 4-6 range. why is that? This seems to go against the basic maxot principles. I was also curious why you alternate between sets when training biceps and triceps on the same day.

  4. I agree and prefer to do weighted pull-ups in a 4-6 rep range.

    No real reason why we alternated for that particular Max-OT routine. That was just one variation for one Max-OT schedule.