Tuesday, May 11, 2010

"That Guy" Feedback.

A while back I mentioned that our documentary "I Want to Look Like That Guy" had made it through the first round of cuts for the L.A. Film Festival. We were recently informed that we did not make the final cut and will not be included in the festival, however, we did receive some nice comments from the screening committee and a reminder that this is merely an opinion and not a reflection on the overall quality and content of the film.

It would have been a nice feather in our cap to make it into the film festival but more important than that accolade is the continual great feedback I receive from those who have seen the film and come away inspired and motivated.

I think what I love most about the documentary is the completely honest light that it sheds upon the current state of the health and fitness industry and it hammers home what I feel is a very important message...."if you want to have an extreme physique you have to live an extreme lifestyle."

There continues to be gobs of misleading information spoon fed to the masses about fitness on a daily basis. Whether it is another celebrity peddling their latest fitness cook book and workout guide or some medical professional telling women they need a minimum of 1 hour of exercise a day to receive any benefits - the list of falsehoods goes on and on and I don't see it stopping any time soon.

I like to think this documentary is a beacon of truth in the otherwise murky waters of fitness information. This film doesn't try to paint some easy or magic answer of how to get fit quick but rather shows you what is possible if you execute a smart plan and are willing to "walk through the fire" to get to your goal. For that I am very proud of the story we tell.

Believe. Achieve.



  1. Hi Jeff, at least it was a nice try to get into the festival. I personally think that the "I want to look like that guy" dvd is awesome. I have bought many media around fitness etc, but this movie gives a clear picture of what it takes to be like the guy in the fitness magazines. People thinking to buy the movie have to know that it's not like any other "look from a fat guy to a slim guy in 3 months" type-a-deal. The movie is a great motivator, I have now seen it 3 times and will watch it even more. Keep doing what you do.

  2. Jeff I'm returning from my recovery week with 6 weeks to go before show time. Usually it would take me 3 weeks to get back up to full max-ot 100% intesity. Should I cut it short and just hit it with 100% or bring weights up as usual. Thanks.

  3. Hi Jeff - the number of people you have inspired is better than any film prize IMHO. Not a lot of movies can claim to do that...

    I have a training question if I may. On arm training day, do you recommend doing triceps before biceps since this is the bigger muscle group? I always do biceps first...

    Kind Regards,


  4. Thank you all for your great comments!

    I don't think it makes a difference one way or the other if you do bis or tris first.

  5. Style - I'd bring weights back up as usual. At that point in the prep cardio and diet are your key elements.